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The Rhode Island Mediators Association has adopted the  "Standards of Conduct for Mediators" 

These standards were also adopted and promulgated by the

and the

 Since mediation is used to resolve a broad range of conflicts within a variety of settings, these Standards are designed to serve as fundamental ethical guidelines for persons mediating in all practice contexts.
They serve three important goals:

  • to guide the conduct of mediators;
  • to inform the mediating parties; 
  • promote public confidence in mediation as a process for resolving disputes

and, as such, are intended to be adhered to in all contexts, by all mediators, unless superseded by Statute.


The RI Mediators Association Board is currently comprised of eight members:  Members are elected to the Board for overlapping terms of up to three years. Officers are elected for two year terms. All Board Members are unpaid volunteers.


Jeremy W. Howe, Esq.

Vice-President (2014-2016)

Director since 2009

Jeremy is an Advanced RI Mediator and Attorney with offices in Newport and North Kingstown, RI. He has mediated hundreds of divorce, parenting, paternity, child support, grandparents and partner matters. He has also mediated intergenerational problems, sibling problems, and other estate related problems among family members. His law practice is focused on divorce and family law and wills, estates, trusts, probate, and all elder law issues such as Medicaid planning and long-term care insurance questions.  He is a member of the _APFM (“Advanced” designation pending). 


Michele Gousie Geremia, MS /SPHR

Board Secretary (2008-2016):  
*Founding Director (2008) 

Michele is an Advanced RI Mediator and Human Resources Consultant. She has a Masters Degree in Labor and Industrial Relations from the University of Rhode Island with a specialization in Alternative Dispute Resolution, and a Bachelors Degree in Social Work from Rhode Island College. She received her mediation training at Mediation Works Inc. in Boston, Massachusetts. She formerly served as a mediator in small claims courts. Her Human Resource and Management experience of over 20 years includes coaching and training on a wide range of workplace issues, including employee morale, team building skills and employee/management relations. She has experience in a range of environments, including financial, manufacturing and health care and government. Michele holds the Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certification. She is a member of the New England Chapter of the Association for Conflict Resolution (NE-ACR), the Society for Human Resource Management  (SHRM), and the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM). 

Board Secretary

Erica Janton, Esq.
Director since 2014

Erica of ASSALONE & ASSOCIATES,  LLC and formerly with Kirshenbaum & Kirshenbaum focuses on domestic relations, family law and mediation. She trained at Roger Williams University Law School in Basic Mediation in 2011, Divorce Mediation in 2012, the Mediation Clinic in 2012 and then interned at the Mediation Unit of the Family Court of Rhode Island in 2012.  She was also the 2013 recipient of the Kathy M. Birt Memorial Conflict Resolution Award for her outstanding work in the RWU Mediation Clinic.


Treasurer -
Executive Director 

Frank P. Geremia


 *Founding Director (2008)

Frank is an Advanced RI Mediator and Management Consultant. Co-mediating with his wife Michele, his mediation practice focuses on helping  Divorcing Couples work peacefully through the process and additionally extends into Workplace Mediation. Over the last 30 years, he has coached and mentored Managers, Executives, Professionals and Technicians. With a background an Engineer and Professional Planner, he has served as a Policy Advisor to Executives, Legislators, and Government Officials and has facilitated agreements on a wide range of issues including environmental and public policy. He is qualified as a trained mediator in Rhode Island (RIGL 9-19-44) and Massachusetts (MGL 233 Sec 23C) and has mediated Divorce and Family Cases in Boston Family and Probate Court and serves on the Mediation Panel for Mediation Works Inc. Frank has served on the Boards of Directors of the Fort Adams Trust, Senior Citizens Transportation Inc.  and is a member of the New England Chapter of the Association for Conflict Resolution (NE-ACR), the Human Resource Management Association of Rhode Island (HRM-RI), and the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC).   

 Education & Training Director

 Bruce I. Kogan, Esq.

President (2014-2016)
Vice-President (2008-2014)
*Founding Director (2008)

Professor Kogan serves as one of the co-founders of the Rhode Island Mediators Association and an Advanced RI Mediator.  He is the Director of Roger Williams University’s Mediation Clinic, a law professor, and an instructor of Dispute Resolution.  He also serves as an advisory board member at the Community Mediation Center of Rhode Island and is active with the New England Chapter of the Association for Conflict Resolution.  Professor Kogan served as an appellate attorney in the Tax Division of the U.S. Department of Justice and then practiced law for almost ten years in Pennsylvania with the law firm Kogan & Smigel.  His practice concentrated on taxation, business and estate planning, for-profit and non-profit corporations, and real estate.  He is a founding member of Roger Williams Law faculty, and has served as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Interim Dean. In addition to Dispute Resolution, Professor Kogan teaches Property and Trusts and Estates.



Bryna B. Bettigole, LICSW

Director since 2009

Bryna is an Advanced RI Mediator and a Licensed Psychotherapist in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. She has been practicing since 1976, counseling individuals, couples and families, and providing mediation to divorcing couples.  She has trained and supervised mediators and conducted divorce support groups.  Bryna was also a clinical instructor in Social Work for Boston College Graduate School of Social Work. She was a co-founder of the Rhode Island Council of Family Mediators, served as President in 1998, and helped develop and taught the forty-hour Divorce Mediation Training Program at RWU. 



Margie Caranci

Director since 2012

The Administrator of the Roger Williams University School of Law Mediation Clinic, Margie is an experienced mediator specializing in civil and domestic relations mediations, including providing court-annexed mediation services for Newport and Providence counties.

  Andy Wunsch
Director since 2014

Andy is the principle in A.W. Mediation and an active volunteer Mediator. He trained at the Community Mediation Center and has been an active RIMA Member since 2011. He is an active FINRA Arbitrator and Mediator  


Madeleine Butterfield Bass, Esq. 2012-2015

Steven J. Hirsch, Esq., 2011-2012

Stephen M. Brusini, Esq., 2008-2011

Abigail Jones-Herriott, Esq., 2008-2011

The RI Mediators Association is a non-profit association dedicated to serving and supporting Rhode Island Mediators.  The Association has no paid staff.  All work, including that of our trainers, is performed by professionals who voluntarily contribute their time and money to support the organization and to contribute to the advancement of Mediation in Rhode Island. 


  • An ongoing conversation within the community of Mediators in the State of Rhode Island.
  • A growing awareness of Mediation as a powerful and satisfying approach that has the potential for resolving any conflict.
  • An ever expanding use of Mediation to resolve conflicts in all areas of life.


  • to promote mediation as a profession and as a form of dispute resolution in Rhode Island;
  • to advance the field of mediation towards clearer and higher standards of ethics and accountability;
  • to promote education and training in mediation;
  • to increase public awareness of mediation and bring it further into the mainstream of public consciousness;
  • to expose to and involve in mediation as many people as possible;
  • to create a network of mediation professionals and allied professionals;
  • to foster networking and marketing in the field of mediation;
  • to promote professional development and peer support and review in mediation;
  • to create high standards of training and qualification for mediators in Rhode Island;
  • to raise funds to support these purposes.

 *Approved by RI Mediators Association Executive Board
June 23, 2009

We are committed to providing a forum for Mediators to share experiences, learn from each other, and work together to promote the advancement of Mediation in Rhode Island.  
We do this by providing Workshops, Roundtable Discussions and Informational Meetings on various Mediation and Practice related topics throughout the year, as well as providing speakers for outside groups. 
Through our website, we provide an opportunity for interested parties to find and identify dedicated professionals practicing Mediation in Rhode Island.

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