Elder / Adult Family Mediation Training - OCT, 2021

  • Wednesday, October 20, 2021
  • 12:00 PM - 4:30 PM (EDT)
  • Virtual on ZOOM


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    (includes $40.00 non-refundable processing fee)

Elder / Adult Family Mediation Training
by Elder Decisions® 

October 2021 (Wed/Fri) - Online  

October 20, 22, 27, 29, and November 3 and 5 

23 Hours

(Half-days  Noon EST to 4:30 P.M. EST)

   Prerequisite: Prior completion of Basic Mediation training.                                   
About the Training


This program is designed for individuals with some mediation experience.   

As families face issues related to aging, they often grapple with important decisions about a range of topics such as living arrangements, care giving, driving, family communication, medical care, Powers of Attorney / Health Care Proxies / Guardianship / Conservatorship, financial planning, estate planning, family real estate, and personal property distribution. Conversations around these issues can be emotionally charged and complex.


This program teaches mediators skills and techniques for:

- working with families in conflict around these and other issues, 

- convening multi-party family mediations, and 

- facilitating consensus.  


The skills, techniques, and principles discussed in the training are transferable to mediation in other contexts, and past participants have often remarked about the mediation "Gems" they have received and "AHA Moments" they have experienced that have helped deepen their mediation work.   


Join lead trainers Arline Kardasis and Crystal Thorpe, of Elder Decisions® along with guest presenters, for sessions packed with content, skill-building, role plays, and opportunities to interact with fellow participants.  

CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDITS: Attorneys seeking Rhode Island MCLE credit must apply via Appendix D on the RI Supreme Court Attorney Portal.  


Arline & Crystal are also co-authors of 

Mom Always Liked You Best:
A Guide for Resolving Family Feuds, Inheritance Battles & Eldercare Crises

(Co-authored by the Elder Decisions® team)
Elder Decisions®
A division of Agreement Resources, LLC

About RIMA Trainings:

All RIMA trainings , whether referred to as a seminar, workshop, or presentation are designed to qualify for RIMA mediator CE's and may fully qualify for CE's for attorneys, social workers and certain other professionals.   

Programs are believed to qualify for the stated number of MCLE's because they:
(1) Present significant intellectual and practical content as to contribute to the growth of a participant's professional competence and skills;
(2) Present subject matter that is directly or supportively relevant to the practice of mediation, law and/or ethics;
(3) Are conducted by a person or persons qualified professionally to present the subject matter involved;
(4) When in-person, are presented in a classroom, meeting room, or lecture hall conducive to a meaningful educational experience;
(5) Are presented in a multi-modal fashion, utilizing oral presentations supplemented with written hand-outs and texts and visuals. All materials are believed to meet the highest professional standards in terms of their timeliness, organization, and detail; and
(6) Utilize video and audio presentations only as an adjunct to oral and written presentations.

Attorneys seeking Rhode Island MCLE credit must apply via Appendix D on the RI Supreme Court Attorney Portal. 

RIMA maintains a record of attendance and completed participant's evaluations for each training.


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