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October 23, 2018
Davenport's Restaurant 
East Providence, RI


"Facts, Stories and Truth in Mediation"


Prof. Bruce I. Kogan, Esq. moderator
Kristen Sloan Maccini, Esq. Panelist 
Frank P. Geremia, Panelist


Attendees engaged in a wide ranging discussion.   

" Great Conversation"


RI Mediators Association  


The evening included:    
Acknowledgements and Awards Presentation

  - 2018 Bruce I. Kogan, Esq. Founders Award to CMCRI
  - 10 Year RIMA Dedicated Service Awards to:

                     Bryna B. Bettigole, LICSW
                     Jeremy W. Howe, Esq.
                     Bruce I. Kogan, Esq.
                         (Professor Emeritus)

RIMA Training & Event Schedule for 2018-19

Keynote Speaker:
Hon. Patricia Hurst, Associate Justice (Ret), RI Superior Court 
Speaking on "MEDIATION: Dealmaking Vs Transformative Effect"

2018 is the 10th Year of the Rhode Island Mediators Association.  September is the month we kick-off a new year of workshops, trainings and roundtable discussions. 

This annual "CELEBRATE" event was the first of its kind in bringing together RI Mediators Association members, judges, interested colleagues and friends, and invited government, business and non-profit interests to celebrate "Advancing Quality Mediation in Rhode Island".   

"Self Determination & Power Imbalances in Mediation"

RIMA Workshop  

A panel of experienced professionals explore the range and depth of Power Imbalances and the Role of Self-Determination in Mediation.  This program is designed for mediators and all Dispute Resolution Professionals.                         

Neville Bedford, Esq.      

Lori Giarusso, Esq.
Mary Tudino, Esq.
Matthew McGovern, Esq.

Revised Location: 1149 Restaurant, Warwick, RI

January 16, 2018

 "Essentials of Parenting Plans for Mediators"

An Exploration and Update of the Essentials of Parenting Plans for Mediators. 


Bryna B. Bettigole, LICSW 

Holly Hitchcock, M.Ed 
Margie Caranci, Adv. Mediator  

 Three experienced family and divorce mediators share their ideas and tips on structuring effective parenting plans.         

 Next: RIMA Workshop  January 16, 2018

 Rhode Island Mediators Association
Mediator Skills Series Workshop 

 November 28, 2017

"Beginnings & Endings
(Before and After Mediation)"

      RIMA Workshop        


An Exploration of  issues, ideas and approaches for setting up and closing out a mediation. 


     Jeremy W. Howe, Esq.       


    Vincent F. Ragosta, Jr, Esq.    

     Frank P. Geremia, Adv. Mediator

October 24, 2017

"Adult Family Conflict Mediation"

 The Objective of this Workshop is to create a context for Mediators when mediating the wide range of conflicts that might arise for families when relatives age, became less able to care for themselves, or die.  These issues present a variety of challenging situations and our Moderator has assembled a panel of experienced experts to help navigate these issues 

  Prof. Bruce I. Kogan, Esq. Advanced Mediator & Law Professor, Roger Williams Univ. Law School 

Marvin Homonoff, Esq. Barrington Probate Judge,
  of Counsel, Salter McGowan Sylvia & Leonard, Inc. 

 - Kathleen Heren, R.I. State Long Term Care Ombudsman,    
Alliance for Better Long Term Care Inc.

Tues. September 19, 2017

RI Mediators Association

 Thanks to our Special Guests and supporters  for a successful Event.  

See You next year ! 

Congratulations and Thanks go out to Jay Candon, CPA and Jud Perkins, SCORE Volunteer for a successful Mediator Interest Series Workshop:
"Starting a Mediation Practice"
on March 1st, 2017

March 1, 2017

Rhode Island Mediators Association
Mediator Interest Series Workshop

"Starting a Mediation Practice"

      RIMA Workshop     

An Exploration of  the Business Aspects of Starting a Mediation Practice          


Jay Candon, CPA 
Jud Perkins, SCORE Volunteer 

A special "Thank You" to our Moderator Prof. Bruce Kogan, Esq. and Panelists: Christine W. Ariel, Esq. and Steven J. Hirsch, Esq. for presenting an interesting and insightful workshop.
"Getting Beyond Impasse" 
November 30, 2016

Rhode Island Mediators Association
Mediator Skills Series Workshop

"Getting Beyond Impasse"

RIMA Workshop  

Wed. Nov. 30, 2016
 5:30 PM

Centerville Seminar Ctr.
875 Centerville Road
Warwick, RI      

An Exploration of  ideas and approaches for dealing with impasse in mediation.   

Prof. Bruce Kogan, Esq.  


Christine W. Ariel, Esquire
Steven J. Hirsch, Esquire

    Parties come to mediation because they find themselves stuck in a conflict with another or others.  Mediators seek to assist parties to create solutions.   

What can we do as mediators to help the parties move around or through impasse?  A panel of experienced mediators will present their ideas and approaches for dealing with impasse, and will invite workshop participants to share what has and has not worked in helping parties to find a pathway beyond impasse. 



Annual Membership Meeting and Kick-Off Event 




Tuesday September 13, 2016    5:30-8:00 P.M.

Location: Davenport's Restaurant,
East Providence, RI 

Evening's Program

  • Bruce I Kogan Reviews the year
  • Approval of Officer Slate
    •PRESIDENT: Jeremy Howe
    •VICE PRESIDENT: Michele Gousie Geremia
    •TREASURER: Frank Geremia
    •SECRETARY: Erica Janton
  • Jeremy Howe - Overview Looking Forward 
  • RIMA Training & Event Schedule for 2016-17

Thank you to those who joined us at This  Annual "Kick-Off” event.  Your presence and participation helped make it an enjoyable and successful event. 

We put some photos from the event on-line for your viewing.  

We hope you enjoyed the time and conversation with us.  

Amazing Evening - We'll be Back Next Year!



"CALLING or CAREER: The Aims of Mediation in the 21st Century"

Keynote Speaker:
Frederic Reamer, PhD,

r. Reamer is a professor in the graduate program of the School of Social Work, Rhode Island College.  He has conducted extensive research on professional ethics and lectured nationally and internationally on the subjects of professional ethics, professional malpractice and liability.  He has been involved in several national research projects sponsored by The Hastings Center, the Carnegie Corporation, the Haas Foundation, and the Scattergood Program for the Applied Ethics of Behavioral Healthcare at the Center for Bioethics, University of Pennsylvania. He is the author of many books and articles on professional ethics, criminal justice, and research methods. 

He is the producer of the compelling series "This I Believe – Rhode Island", which broadcasts weekly on RI Public Radio. The series is modeled on the national "This I Believe Project".  

Join us for this compelling conversation.

The evening includes:

  •  Cash Bar

  •  Dinner Buffet

  •  Coffee and Dessert 

Preregistration Required 
- Seating is Limited -

1149 Restaurant, Warwick, RI


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